Evolve from Planning Templates and Build a Playbook

A structured marketing plan is likely something you may be familiar with as a business owner, especially if you possess any previous tertiary business qualifications. In essence, a Marketing Plan is a process based on objectives relating specifically to the business problem. A business problem is effectively what you want to resolve as a business owner (e.g. “not enough sales”). 

Behind the simple definitions above are endless books of traditional marketing theory and frameworks that form varying types of approaches to foundational marketing and business operations. We use these plans in modern-day business to understand the micro-environmental and macro-environmental factors of the market, informing us how to better position the business for success in respect of your competitive surroundings. 

Despite what any agency, tech company or marketer says, traditional marketing theory should never be dismissed and is fundamental to every business – the science behind psychology and customer interaction never goes away, it merely evolves over the years but the fundamental concepts remain the same. Anyone can Google a marketing plan template and shape it onto your business but without understanding why there are certain sections in a marketing plan or what sections are missing the template is rendered practically useless.

As a service-oriented firm, we understand you don’t want to get involved in the depths of marketing theory or frameworks so we leave that door open for you to explore at your will, or follow our summarised approach that highlights the key information we’ve gathered throughout the marketing plan that’s important to you. 

Our marketing plan evolves into a ‘playbook’ which governs all marketing activity for the business. An evolving reference/guide just for your business that houses every previous, current and planned marketing activity ensuring that messaging is consistent, optimised and effective. 

Talk to us about a marketing consultation today for more insight on how an nviz marketing plan can take your business to the next level.